Big news! Finally, 38 years after Mike recorded his great song "There's Nothing Wrong With You Baby" with singing partner The Big "D", our good friends at The Vanguard Squad have pressed up a beautiful 45 of Mike's original recording with all original artwork.  The tune is a vocal duet (with "D" slapping an afro pick against a phone book for rhythm) dedicated to a young woman, encouraging her to be unique, to stay in school, and not let the schoolboy detractors get her down.

The record is a limited edition picture sleeve 45 (limited to 1000 copies with hand-numbered inserts). The artwork, 45 labels and insert are all exact duplicates of Mike's original art.

All profits from this record will go directly to Mike.

You can buy it online at The Vanguard Squad website  as well as at a select number of independent record stores. The record will also be distributed by the good folks at Dischord Records in Mike's hometown of Washington DC, so it should be available at your local independent record store before long.

Get yours now!